The Boat Safety Scheme

The Boat Safety Scheme examination checking procedure (ECP's) can be likened to a Car MOT.  It is basically a series of questions about your boat ,broken into sections to cover each system i.e. engine, electrical, fire safety etc.  The answer to each question needs to be a 'Yes' and determined by sight, feel and/or touch.  A 'No' or 'Not verified' in most cases would not be acceptable to pass.     As the sections are comprehensive to cover all items of equipment on a miriad of boat types my advice would be to only download the sections below that apply to your boat. In that way you will not confuse yourself as to what the requirements are for your examination.   However, if you are thinking of buying or changing your boat the whole guide will give you a great insight into what to look for in a potential purchase. Although I am not a marine surveyor, and you should think seriously about using the services of one, I will happily help you with advice as to whether a boat will comply with the requirements of the BSS examination. For a visit, with you, to a boat my hourly rate will apply.     There were changes made to the examination criteria from 1 April 2013.  For the new 2013 guide go to:

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