Boat Safety Scheme Examination

Boat Safety Scheme Costs and Questions

In January 2018 the Boat Safety Scheme Office have announced their business  plan for the next 4 years, with effect 1 Apr 2018, and having held their costs for the past 8 years they have announced the cost of the 'Examination Report' will rise from£34.80 (inc Vat) to £43.20 (inc Vat).  They have also increased the Examiner annual registration fee by 30.9 %. And there has been a Government increase in 'Insurance' tax in the last budget.

I have held my prices for the past 6 years at £135 but, unfortunately due to these increases, together with the rising costs of fuel etc.I will raise the cost of a BSS examination to £150 with effect 1 Apr 2019.

(Please note these charges are for 'Private' Boats Only.  If you live on your boat you need a 'Gas Safe Registered' Examiner to conduct your 'Gas Tightness Test'.  Please call me for more details).

Just have a Question

If you have a question or would like advice to a particular problem regarding your BSS Examination please do not hesitate to contact me. FOC. For general advice or to ask about availabilty to conduct an examination I am happy for you to ring me at anytime during normal business hours (daytime 08.00 to 17.00 Mon to Sat). (Answer phone may mean I'm with another customer or am on the river myself. Please leave your message and I will return your call as soon as possible).     07780 697624      For a technical answer to a technical question, and to ensure I give you the right advice, I would prefer it if you would email me as I may need to research your enquiry.  Please use the form or email me directly @

How much notice do I need

Normally I can get to you to conduct a BSS within 5 - 10 days.  But at busy times of the year, especially Summer, this may be a little longer.  If you are not aware you can renew your Existing BSS Examination up to two calender months early and retain the original expiry date.  i.e. of 4 years + the two months.

Please do not leave the BSS until the last minute before your licence is due for renewal.  That just puts pressure on both of us to ensure you do not lose your early payment discount. 

How to get your Boat Ready

To help both of us and for your examination to run smoothly please read this advice  from the BSS Office:-

Remember I have to be able to "See it,  feel it and / or touch it". to be able to verify it complies with the requirements of the Scheme.  

If the Boat Fails

If for any reason we have a problem and I cannot pass the boat.  I will leave a written explaination as to what has failed and why.  We can then discuss how you can best change or repair the problem and reach agreement on a time for me to return, usually within a few days or weeks.   I do not charge any additional  fee for a return visit / retest.

The Examination Report

Since 2013 the BS Scheme put the system on-line for examiners to complete the procedure.  Therefore after I leave you I upload your examination report and only then will the 'system' produce the Examination Report or 'Certificate'.  I will usually email this to you later that day or, at the latest, the following day